Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Easy Lunch: Veggie burgers with pea and carrot chips

When your coworkers are all running off to McDonald's for a quick lunch, what's a kosher-keeping person to do? Make your own version of that ubiquitous fast food lunch, of course-- but make it kosher, vegetarian, and far healthier.

My version of the burger lunch includes a veggie patty with a bit of melted cheddar cheese, topped with sriracha. Then for a side, some sliced carrots (or baby carrots), and air-dried pea crisps in lieu of french fries.

Items that don't need a hechsher:

Items that do need a hechsher (aka "everything else on the plate), and brand suggestions:
- Veggie burger (Amy's All American veggie burgers)
- Cheddar cheese (if you live on the West Coast of the U.S., try Tillamook Kosher Medium Cheddar)
- Sriracha sauce
- Buns (Trader Joe's hamburger buns, white or wheat)
- Pea crisps (Trader Joe's "Inner Peas")

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