Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas for the Jews...

It can be a little boring to be a Jew this time of year. Friends and coworkers are off Christmas-ing it up, and we're left sitting in an empty office, or searching in vain for an open coffee shop, or checking once again to see if a Chinese restaurant that's not a festival of ham has magically sprung up in our city, only to find out that the answer is "nope". So, this seemed like the perfect time of year to start a blog.

Who is this blog for? Well, many of us love to keep kosher for many reasons: because it's a mitzvah, because we feel it helps us spiritually, or even just because it's tradition. But if you live in an area with few kosher restaurants-- and if you're pressed for time, or simply aren't a big fan of cooking-- things can be rough. So if you love keeping kosher but aren't up for spending hours every day preparing food, this blog is for you.

One other thing you'll notice about this blog: all recipes will be meat-free. Even if you're not a full-time vegetarian, everyone needs dairy or pareve recipes sometimes, right?

All recipes and product reviews will be rated on a laziness scale, where 0 is "not lazy at all! Actually involves some real cooking," and 5 is "open package, open mouth, insert food."

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